Athlete Performance Management System (APMS)


A data driven and scientific platform to effectively plan, track and analyze athlete progress and produce measurable improvements across multiple sports!

Key Features Of The Product

Create Custom Training Plans


Our training tool lets you design detailed training plans customized to your team’s requirement using our sample plans and extensive list of training drills

Evaluate Performance


Our evaluation tool helps you in creating sports specific evaluation tests and capturing results for every player

Manage administrative tasks


Our platform lets you manage player enrollments and attendance and generate automated reports

Track Progress


Our training dashboards and progress reports provide you real-time actionable insights into the player progress and helps in early detection of player fatigue and injuries

Video Analysis

Our video review tool will enable you to generate valuable insights into player technique and identify areas of improvement

Personalized Reports


Our platform generates athlete specific performance dashboard with real-time data that can be downloaded and shared with all stakeholders

Benefits every coach & player would love to have

Technology Driven Approach


We believe in measurable progress. With our product, you can design customized training programs, track player progress and identify specific areas of improvement

SparUp is a secure, cloud-based sports training management tool designed to plan, track and analyze player progress and generate actionable insights for team managers, coaches, players and parents



We provide a single platform to manage all training related tasks



Our platform provides you access to various training drills, plans, videos and experts from all around the world

Sports where our product can be used
We currently support Cricket, Football, Tennis, Badminton, Basketball, Boxing, Archery and Judo.

Reach out to us to add more sports!

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