Our Case Studies
High Performance Program



  • Program : Athlete Fitness Development

  • Sport : Table Tennis (State & National Players)

  • Athletes : 14 (Both Boys & Girls)

  • Duration : 6 Weeks



  • To analyze the weak Physical components through Fitness Assessment (Testing 1)

  • Design a Conditioning program to strengthen the weak Physical components

  • To evaluate the progress through Fitness Assessment (Testing 2)


  • Our S&C's & Physios worked closely with the 14 players, focusing on the areas of improvement found out in Fitness Assessment (Testing 1)

  • Appropriate exercises & drills were taken to access the weak Physical components


Improvement seen after the Fitness Assessment (Testing 2) were as follows :-

  • 60% improvement in Flexibility

  • 9% improvement in Upper Body Strength

  • 16% improvement in Lower Body Strength

  • 10% improvement in Posture

Endurance Sports Academy

Client Details: The client is one of the premier endurance sports academies in India with a focus on sports such as boxing, MMA and functional fitness.

Client Requirement: The client wanted to conduct a high-performance fitness workshop for athletes with a personalized training approach, performance assessment and tracking with sports science interventions.

Solution: The SparUp team of sports science professionals designed and implemented a structured 6-week fitness workshop with baseline assessment, periodized training program with age and skill appropriate training drills, regular interventions by sports nutritionists and psychologists and final fitness assessment and reporting.




  • 34% of average improvement in upper body strength

  • 28% of average improvement in lower body strength

  • 26% of average improvement in endurance

  • 16% of average improvement in agility

  • 15% of average improvement in core strength

  • 100% happy athletes :)


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